17/6/2011: “The need of systemic innovation”

The need for systemic innovation

 Might we innovate or talk about innovation, we are in the wrong path. The multiple crises lie within the development system. Current crises show that the system absorbs and largely overcomes the many innovations that are taking place in social, economic and environmental aspects, so that development remains unsustainable, maybe increasingly.

 Understood holistically, sustainability is a multidimensional model of development that assumes a harmonious relation with all ecosystems and places the improvement of human condition as its primary goal.

 Surprisingly, we hear about social, economic or environmental innovation far more than about systemic innovation, as shown by the results in Google:

* “innovación social” + “social innovation”:                                   1.971.000 (77%)

* “innovación medioambiental” + “environmental innovation”:         279.000 (11%)

* “innovación económica” + “economic innovation”:                      222.600 (9%)

* “innovación sistémica” + “systemic innovation”:                           95.740 (4%)

Total                            (100%)

 Systemic innovation is a must. This is a superior matter to political views or parties. Systemic innovation is a challenge to those understandings of development that proclaim sustainable development while leaving untouched the basic structures of our society. It is within the global where partial innovations gain sense. Systemic innovation must not only propose new development structures, but deliver the guiding principles of any other innovation.

 Alejo Etchart

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

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