The big dilemma

The current pattern of development is based on an economy that needs growth to prevent collapse in a world that cannot grow without collapsing.

So while any partial innovation (economic, social or environmental) is good, the fundamental innovation must be systemic, and systemic innovation should guide the others. Changing the system involves sacrifices, but not as large as those derived from avoiding it. It’s a categorical imperative*, FEASIBLE even before we decolonize our minds from the paradigm of economic growth as an end in itself**.

The north of the innovation should de pointed by well-being and resilience. To address innovation towards economic growth is short-sighted and short-termed. Whoever takes the first step in the right line of systemic innovation faces an ocean of opportunities.

* In Kant philosophy, “autonomous (not dependent on any religion or ideology) and self-sufficient commandment, able to govern human behavior in all its manifestations”.
** The first four lectures delivered at the Global Innovation Day (Innobasque 16/06/2011) by renowned international authorities evidence this colonization. However, an expression by Basque gourmet Pedro Subijana made the conference worth: “cooperation among competitors”.

Alejo Etchart

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, (+34) 639 391 854

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